In our day to day life we come across many many simple tools and equipment that makes our routine easy and comfortable its hard to believe that who might have thought of inventing this stuff.

Need for something make people think out the box that’s why necessity is called mother of inventions today we cannot imagine our routine without this inventions, of course there are many inventions that change our world no doubt these inventions was milestone in human civilizations like telephone , car , steam engine , electricity but we all know about their inventors some of us might have read about it in schools , colleges or from elderly knowing person. But there are some unknown inventors who change our world unimaginably but their names are unknown to majority of us or we may not care knowing their name. So here are those unknown inventors and their inventions that makes our life comfortable.

Ball Point Pen :

In early 20th century “Laszlo Biro” a Hungarian national made his living from journalism , on odd day he noticed that ink used in newspaper printing dried quickly so he and his brother György, who was a chemist, started experimenting on a workable pen they come up with ball head which rotate and evenly distribute ink on the paper they patented their invention in 1931 this invention has remarkably contributed to our business society.

Matches :

“John Walker” of course he has not invented fire but his keen interest to find the way to obtain fire easily being a chemist he was aware of many inflammable ingredients that generate fire but he wanted some potable thing that can be use anywhere , during experiment he came up with the paste that burst into flame when scratch with rough surface. The good thing about John that he has never patented his invention his invention was appreciated only after his death.

Cut/Copy/Paste :

We can thank Larry Tesler, the computer scientist who’s credited in history as inventor of cut , copy , paste the time and finger energy saved with his intangible creation the company he worked like Xerox where he invented many ideas. Tesler has worked at Xerox PARC, Apple, Amazon, and Yahoo!. It was revolutionary invention in the computer world hundreds of man hours of editing the data. His invention made our life easy and saved lot of time in data entry.

Zipper :

Whitcomb Judson made about three dozens of registered inventions. The most famous of them is the zipper, which was patented in 1892 as “the buckle for shoes.” Judson hoped that it would be used instead of laces. The inventor died in 1909, before his creation became popular. For the first time the zipper was used in sewing uniforms of the U.S. army during World War.

ATM Pin Number :

James good fellow invented Personal identification number (PIN) for ATM card the need for this invention is to identify authenticity of the person fingerprints and voice recognition’s was to complicated to implement , then he realized he can linked set of account numbers known only to account owners he patented his invention in 1966 today his system can be found in ATM’s worldwide.

Effervescent Tablet :

Before this invention, people used to take medications in the form of powders or drops. In 1880, Upjohn invented a pill that dissolves easily in the stomach. Four years later, he created a machine to produce the pills in large quantities, and in 1886 founded the Upjohn Pill and Granule Company. The company existed for more than a century, and in 1995 it merged with the Swiss Pharmacia. Subsequently, this company was bought by Pfizer.

Air-Conditioner :

“Willis carrier” American national ,engineer by profession developed a machine which cools air using non-flammable refringent. in 1902 he install this machine to control humidity this machine was world’s first Air conditioner. in 1906 he was granted patent for inventing air conditioner by 1915 he founded carrier engineering corporation. A first company that sold air conditioner.

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