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Technology Transformation

We empower your business with the power of automation. Technology has changed the industrial landscape, and it is revolutionizing digital marketing as well. A few years back, conventional marketing strategies consisted of manually performing every minor step, which resulted in increased consumption of time and resources. From email marketing to posting social media, each task required human effort.


Now, the trend has changed, and marketing is entirely driven by automation. CreativeWebo, as the leading provider of digital solutions, is equipped with technical proficiency and experience to empower your business online with the power of automation.

Marketing Automation Features

Here is a quick overview of the marketing automation features we offer.

  1. Visitor tracking
  2. Hosting and tracking marketing files
  3. Providing real-time sales alerts
  4. Lead scoring and grading
  5. Lead nurturing
  6. Creating and maintaining forms and landing pages
  7. Closed-loop reporting

Technologies We Offer

Here are a few technologies which we offer

  1. Blockchain
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Big Data

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