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Web design generally refers to the design which is usually displayed on the internet. It mainly comprises ux elements of the web app rather than the developmental aspect of the site. Some of the vital ux aspects include layout, theme, appearance, fonts, classic images & themes if any are involved. Smartly designed websites may improve website stickiness in turn reduce bounce rate on a site. Creative & unique design of a site may create a strong impression on a prospective client. This can also nurture the lead & it may improve conversions thoroughly.

What is a creative web design company?A creative web design company are the companies who mainly deal in web design activities & other allied activities such as UX Research, UX audit, UX Testing & other web design services etc. A creative web design company generally performs above shared activities.UX Research- UX research involves an extensive understanding of the impact of design on an audience. Indeed, try to understand what brands visualize about their product wherein UX experts can design as per requirements.UX Audit- UX audit involves strongly analyzing the existing interface & suggesting for the betterment of the same if any in turn which may improve customer engagement & in turn conversions.UX Testing- A small error in design may cause a huge impact in development indeed ux testing is very essential. To answer precisely, UX testing is a typical test which is carried out which collects insights from actual users about usability from actual users during the designing process itself.Technically an agency who are involved in above activities are termed as design agencies.

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