From a small town of Punjab, story of a simple man who had immense love for food and combined his food love with the technology and launched the India’s biggest Internet food business named ‘Zomato’.

Deepinder Goyal, grew up in an academic atmosphere where his parents were teacher. He has a post-graduate degree in Maths & computing from IIT DELHI and join the consulting firm Bain & company after his studies. One fine day in the office canteen, he and his colleagues had to wait for too long for food because of long queues. He then decided to help this waiting friends with the help of technology, In 2007, he launched foodieBay website in which he got all the menus scanned in a line in the website.

In 2008, his friend Pankaj Chaddah joined him in his project and they both used to work on foodieBay over the weekend. In a quick time, they launched it in Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Now, it was becoming difficult for them to manage their business along with their corporate jobs so they decided to quit their job and focused mainly on the foodieBay.

In 2010, They both decided to launch foodieBay worldwide so as they gave it a makeover and renamed it to ‘Zomato’. The ‘Z’ added zing to it and it was easy to remember also. Deepinder and Pankaj used to work really hard for expanding Zomato and also on its Improvisation. Over the time, Zomato began selling the tickets of the various food festivals and as they became popular, various food giants came to them for advertisements.

At present, they’ve over 2500 employees working for Zomato all over the world as they spend lot of their time in selecting the best talent for their team. Zomato was featured at 2nd position in India’s top startups of 2016.

Deepinder’s aim of solving people’s problem gave him and his partner a very strong and popular brand name. Zomato was valued at $600 million recently by HSBC Bank. Both Deepinder and Pankaj aren’t leaving any stones unturned and are still working hard on the company’s growth in the near future. Their dedication for work is the true inspiration to all of us to achieve great heights of success.

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