what Is custom mobile application?

Be it a website or mobile app all are developed & designed to have the best user experience. Website or mobile many times serves the entire purpose but still there is a need for a custom web app.

A custom web application is a tailor made application for a specific requirement & specific use.     For example Microsoft Powerpoint is a web as well mobile application wherein we can certainly design classic presentations but if we want to cater a particular set of audience & a specific requirement Custom Application is must. To answer more precisely Custom Web Application is a specific web app designed & developed for a particular set of audience & with a specific use. 

Some set of Custom Web Applications

  1. Inventory Control Software in a manufacturing unit
  2. Students & Staff database management system in a college.
  3. Any organization uses a dedicated web app for data management of the staff thoroughly.

Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of using custom web applications its a tailor made application indeed, considering exact requirements which may save a lot of time & efforts for the same.Also its your own software & you are owning the same so data security & other allied risk will also be eliminated to a good extent

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