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Project Information

Telecommunication industry


“BOOK A RESTO”, a unique table booking app pertaining to Dubai city. The only app which gives very latest update about available Table slots in hotels, restaurant’s & cafe thoroughly.

Our Consulting Approach

Client problem statement

After having a decent discussion with client & rigorous discussion with our internal team, we understood the missing elements.
We developed a robust admin panel and created 3 categories of Users who can use the app for ease & quick usage

  1. Admin
  2. Manager
  3. User

Admin: Admin has the control over the entire application & he can monitor each & every aspect of the application
Manager: Manager has slightly limited set of restrictions compared to Admin & he can allocate Table for users as per the data received from the admin.
User: User can use the app as per his convenience as it was designed & developed in a very user-friendly manner, having a classic ui & ux with strong security precisely.
Every hotel listed in the app was having their contact details & actual photo’s wherein users can smartly select the hotels & restaurants of their own choice.
For simplicity filter according to date, time, no of guest's provision was made so that can users can smartly select the location according to their preference & convenience.
After successive & decent testing app was made live considering all the business scenario. We served as an end-to-end tech consultant for their project right from designing till final testing aptly.

ACE website


  • Centralized Data Management.
  • Quick booking wherein time savage for both owners & users, which was indeed a great feature.
  • Gave a competitive edge.
  • Served as two-way communication for both owners & users.