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With years of experience in IT, Creative Webo enables you with IT strategy creation, information security assurance, and system integration to facilitate smooth and efficient digital transformation. We focus on your short-term objectives and long-term goals to devise a strategy that skips the horde of fleeing trends and empowers your organization with agile, reliable technology.

Our IT outsourcing process

We implement a three-step IT outsourcing process for your company. It includes:

Planning stage: Drafting strategy, selecting platforms, planning releases

Implementation stage: Custom development solutions, migration, and data integration

Maintenance stage: Continuous monitoring and making changes and improvements in accordance with the changing business environment

Our IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting services consist of the following sub-services:

  1. IT strategy consulting
  2. Digital transformation
  3. Digital customer experience consulting
  4. System integration

We deliver expertise in a wide range of IT operations, such as data warehousing, OLAP implementation, SAP implementation, relational database design, and web-based technologies.

Engagement Models

Every organization, whether new or veteran, needs a system of governance mechanisms that bring together all critical organizational components to achieve the company-wide objectives. We follow an end-to-end client-centric approach to implement a highly functional and efficient engagement model for your business that integrates all the elements in your organization, thus, making your processes more streamlined and productive.

CreativeWebo provides a full spectrum of engagement model services that accords with your business objectives, thereby managing costs and mitigating risks.

Our Engagement Model Services

Our engagement model services are available in three types:

Fixed budget: We have a well-developed pricing model that is based on your distinct requirements. We adopt a transparent pricing approach to leave no room for doubts and second thoughts.

Time & Material: If you have a project that has an evolving scope and changing requirements, we offer a time-based model and charge on the basis of the amount of time and resources invested.

Hire a resource: If you want comprehensive control over your project, you can hire our development, testing, project management, and other experts to facilitate your project.

Managed IT Services

Most enterprises and large companies outsource a wide range of processes, and rightfully so. Cumbersome tasks like customer support, finance & accounting, payroll, and recruitment can inflict unnecessary expenses on an organization. By outsourcing these tasks to third-providers that specialize in handling these responsibilities, you can cut costs, improve operations, and increase operational efficiency.

CreativeWebo is an enterprise IT outsourcing company that has been offering managed services on a remote basis for years. We embrace your vision and tailor a strategy that provides guaranteed uplift to your IT infrastructure.

Our managed IT services include a wide range of solutions that cater to your data security, network infrastructure, data storage management, backup & recovery, cloud computing, project management, and more.

How CreativeWebo's Managed IT Services Can Help

Here's how CreativeWebo's managed IT services can help.

  1. Reduced operational costs
  2. 100% uptime
  3. Reduced business risks
  4. Increased business efficiency
  5. Best-in-class IT management

Dedicated Teams

Technology never rests, and if you belong to this industry, you'll find arising staff requirements every now and then. We all know what big burden the recruitment process is, courtesy: high hiring costs, recruitment time, and required resources.

However, it is not always possible to hire an in-house team for every particular taask, espeically if it’s for the short term. For instance, you might need an SEO audit for your website, but it’s not worth hiring a full-time SEO expert unless you need their services all year long. For short-term jobs, our dedicated teams can help you out.

CreativeWebo provides dedicated teams that assist you with all kinds of project requirements. We offer experts in .NET, HTML, Ruby, Python, and all other essential technologies required to facilitate your business processes. By hiring outsources teams, you can save up to 55% of your hiring resources, thus, enabling you to utilize them in more pivotal operations.

We provide skilled professionals on contract basis (2 months, 6 months, 12 months, or more) and project-to-project basis – no contracts or bonds, hire as per your requirements. We adopt an on-site resource deployment model to facilitate your project requirements. Contrarily, our professionals can work remotely as well, depending upon your work and project requirements.

Why Hire CreativeWebo's Dedicated Teams

Here's why you should hire CreativeWebo's dedicated teams.

  1. Experienced, highly-skilled professionals
  2. Hand-picked talent for every requirement
  3. Compliant with all national and international standards
  4. High level of professionalism and cooperation

Project Outsourcing

Every company working with digital tools and technologies can counter the need for varying skillsets on a project to project basis. Maybe you had a smart home project, for which you needed an automation engineer. Perhaps you were working on web development and needed a .NET expert. Sometimes, the workload can be high enough to be managed by your in-house team. At such times, project outsourcing helps you cut down your load and get things done at affordable prices.

CreativeWebo is a dedicated project outsourcing company that offers expert-quality outsourcing services on both contract and project basis. We understand your business requirements and prepare a team accordingly to ensure your objectives are met.

Our Project Outsourcing Services

Our project outsourcing services include:

  1. Web design and development
  2. Photo and video editing
  3. Customer and IT support
  4. AI, Blockchain, and cloud development
  5. Digital marketing and SEO

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