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Domain & Hosting

Website hosting is the initial step towards making an online presence of your business in digital space; it makes your website available on the internet. A web hosting company provides space on servers, also known as data centers, along with an internet connection to make a website live.

CreativeWebo is a renowned website hosting service provider company that carries over ten years of experience in hosting and managing websites ranging from small blogs to global eCommerce sites. We analyze your business requirements, expected traffic, and desired functionality, and then suggest the ideal hosting. We further provide 24/7 support and a dedicated professional team to ensure your site never goes into downtime, and if it does, we make it live as quick as a flash.

Our domain and hosting services include:

  1. Domain Management And Services
  2. Website Hosting
  3. Support and Maintenance Services
  4. Offshore Services
  5. Cloud Hosting
  6. Shared Hosting
  7. Dedicated/VPS Hosting

Server Configuration

Save time, money, and resources by having your servers and systems configured by the industry experts. Technology drives a business forward, but it is essential to tailor and deploy technology in a way that it works according to your requirements.

CreativeWebo offers a wide range of configuration services, such as installing system images, 3rd party software/hardware, and pre-configuring RAID, BIOS and iDRAC settings. As a result, you receive systems and servers that are configured, tested, and ready to deploy in your data center.

Here's why you should pick our server configuration services.

  1. Years of experience in IT transformation and infrastructure services
  2. Expert assistance on emerging technologies
  3. Reduced business risk and increased operational efficiency
  4. Save time by having your systems racked, cabled, and tested
  5. Keep an accurate record of technology
  6. Receive new technology pre-configured and ready to be deployed
  7. Valuable resources, insights, and server information

Business Emails

Emails are the primary way to approach clients and customers, and a company requires its own email extension to look more professional, authoritative, and credible. CreativeWebo provides robust webmail solutions at affordable costs to help your business stand out and enable you to approach your target consumers with more confidence and authority. We further provide assistive solutions for industry-leading email providers like Gsuit and Office 365.

Being one of the leading business email solution providers in the Asia-Pacific region, we provide unparalleled value to your organization. Our business email features include:

  1. Reliable email solution trusted by thousands of business email users
  2. Servers hosted in ISO certified data centers
  3. High-performance email solution with anti-virus and anti-spam functionality
  4. User-friendly interface with an intuitive control panel
  5. No upfront investment on software or hardware required
  6. Choose multiple email service types on a single domain
  7. Tailored solutions for both small & medium businesses and large enterprises

Website Maintenance

A website is arguably the most essential aspects of your business, and it is crucial to have one to establish an online presence. But creating a website and leaving it without further developments and alterations won't add to your business. Every website needs maintenance services to ensure it is error-free and up to date. It involves keeping the sites updated, customer-friendly, protected and optimized as per the necessary standards and guidelines.

Why is continuous website maintenance important?

  1. To maintain security
  2. To be relevant for SEO
  3. To keep in touch with the latest technology
  4. To keep the design updated, engaging, and responsive

Here's a quick overview of CreativeWebo’s website maintenance services

  1. We update your website and its content regularly to keep it smooth and functional
  2. We keep your site engaging my making it intriguing and responsive
  3. We regularly judge your competition and make changes to your site accordingly
  4. We make your content more engaging and shareable by your visitors To keep the design updated, engaging, and responsive

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