Mobile Application

Native Application

A native application is a program coded in a specific programming language for devices with a specific OS. For instance, Java is used for Android, and Objective C is used for iOS. These apps can access the core OS features, such as camera, gallery, contact list, etc. For native app development, separate code needs to be written for each OS. They provide a high degree of reliability and performance.

CreativeWebo is the one-stop solution for all of your native app development needs. We blend your business objectives with our expertise and innovation to create products that provide your consumers with the best service and experience.

We use the best native app development platforms, including Swift for iOS and Android Studio for Android.

If you want to target a particular platform or you want a separate application for different mobile platforms, native application development can come in handy, as it offers:

  1. Enhanced performance

  2. Better UX

  3. Seamless access to built-in smartphone capabilities

  4. Improved security

  5. No permanent connection required

Hybrid Application

A hybrid application is a program built using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript wrapped in a native container. They are cost-effective and easy-to-develop solutions that provide a native-like look and feel in a quick time. These applications are developed from single codebases, which makes it easy to create mobile applications for multiple platforms using a single code. You can use hybrid apps to provide your consumers with a go-to mobile experience without investing much in native app development.

We at CreativeWebo develop powerful hybrid applications by utilizing our technical proficiency in technologies like React Native, Flutter, and Sencha, and other major hybrid app development platforms.

Hybrid App Development Services

Here's a quick look into our hybrid app development services:

  1. Hybrid Application Design
  2. Hybrid Application Development
  3. Quick Maintenance Support
  4. Sencha Touch Development
  5. React Native Development
  6. Flutter Development

Our Hybrid Applications Offers

Our hybrid applications provide you with:

  1. Fast speed
  2. Seamless integration
  3. Offline usage
  4. Excellent user experience

Progressive Web Apps

If you want to simplify your mobile user experience further, you can utilize progressive web applications. These are not necessary mobile apps, but a form of optimized mobile websites that can work offline. Unlike native and hybrid applications, they can't be downloaded and installed on a device but can be pinned and operated within browsers.

CreativeWebo is a renowned web app development company that utilizes the latest tools and technologies to create fast and functional progressive web applications. We integrate essential features like push notifications, data analysis, offline browsing, and more to maximize user engagement.

Why you should choose CreativeWebo's progressive web app services ?

  1. Up-to-date services
  2. Mobile compatibility
  3. Application shell architecture
  4. Native-like performance
  5. Custom progressive app development
  6. Integrated user experience
  7. Offline applications

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