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The company, Zydus Wellness which makes Complan, Sugar-free, Glucon-D among other brands which we grew up with, and which are household items, has overseen many challenges since it's inception in 1994. For those who suffer from osteoarthritis, Hylasto is nothing new. This is especially pertaining to those who suffer from osteoarthritis despite physical therapies and using painkillers.


The current process starts after the sale of the Hylasto medicine, wherein the Medical Representatives note down the details of the sale. The details are later recorded on a computer by typing in the data manually. The disparity of the sales is calculated and action is taken, after a specific period of time, and not immediately.

The Challenge

Client problem statement

The company is engaged in providing quality products including OTC products and medicines to consumers, with the aim to ensure a healthy India. With regards to Hylasto, it was hard for MR's to keep track of their sales, to doctors. Moreover, since they could not view the figures of other MR's, they did not felt challenged. Managers could not track the sales figures of their teams and thus, could not effectively guide them to do better

Data loss and misreporting was common, which led to inflated or deflated numbers. Moreover, there was no coordination between the Medical Representatives nor the management to chalk out a unified strategy.

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Our Consulting Approach

Client problem statement

We, at Creativewebo, realized the importance of getting on track all marketing channels to streamline the sales processes and to align them with the marketing goal.
With this in mind, we helped Zydus Wellness launch the Hylasto S App, for internal use of all Medical Representatives, selling the Orthopaedic medicine.
The brainchild of Zydus, Hylasto S is an app that is used internally by the Medical Representatives of the company, to streamline all procedures and records in one app.
The intention of the app is to reduce paperwork, streamline all processes and to track valuable data.
Earlier, all data used to be manually recorded and to monitor it proved to be difficult. By launching an app, the MR’s can monitor their sales as well as that of their colleagues and the managers can track their team and their sales, providing an avenue of effective course correction, if and when needed.
By digitalizing the entire system, we helped bring on board one platform for all those who monitor and those who sell the Hylasto medicine.

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Client of CreativeWebo | ACE Custom website mockup for Pharma Company Website
Client of CreativeWebo | ACE Custom website mockup for Pharma Company Website
Client of CreativeWebo | ACE Custom website mockup for Pharma Company Website
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  • Digital Transformation- Streamlining the sales process to come up with an all-in-one application, to be used
  • Paperless- Doing our part for the environment, our app has helped save paper and fulfilled the ambition of going digital.
  • Automatic tracking of records and sales figures- Unlike earlier, by using the app, MR's can track their sales figures and can also view the figures of other Mr's. They can also keep their data safe
  • Better management- The app allows managers to keep track of the sales figures of their team, and of individuals, and take corrective measures, whenever necessary.

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