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Untold Tricks to Boost Website Speed and Performance

As we live in a digitized age, businesses have to focus on their website performance as much as they do on their retail outlets or in their offices. However, every day millions of websites are browsing over the internet as per the survey by topmost shopify web Development Company so is the increase in competition. Also, getting traffic to your website is very tricky. If you cannot make your website user-friendly, then you can just kiss it goodbye. There are overwhelming issues like slow loading time, hosting problems, SEO mistakes and so on that can lower your website’s performance level. Poorly optimized websites not only lose conversions, but also hurts your brand image. Additionally, your business starts having more complex issues like high bounce rate and deterioration in search rankings. If proper corrective measures are taken seriously, then you will end up losing potential leads just within a few seconds. Here we’ve discussed some fundamental hacks to improve your website performance. Just concentrate on them one by one and you will have a greater chance to have quality leads, conversions and sales.

  1. Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan hosting.jpg Typical web hosting plans are starter-friendly, low-priced and easy to implement. If your website is not updating often then it fits well for you. But if you wish to publish progressive content regularly on your website then the best option would be to think about upgrading your web hosting plan. It will not only help you to optimize your website better, but also make your users happy and grow your traffic with ease. So, upgrading to a scalable hosting plan would be wiser to improve your website’s performance.
  1. Enable Leverage Browser Caching Browser caching cuts down the load on the webserver and helps decrease the loading time of your web pages. When a user lands on your website, their program will download all the content as regular static documents such as CSS and JS files. If they go to another page on your site, their browser will start downloading the content again. But, enabling the option to leverage browser caching only the unique content will be downloaded to a specific web page. The static files will serve directly from your program, allowing you to accelerate your website speed and improve website performance as recommended by profession e-commerce website Development Company in Mumbai.
  1. Enable GZIP Compression comression.jpg Enabling GZIP allows you to compress your web pages on the server end and send the loaded content to the user’s browser. The files are then served from the browser when the user queries as uncompressed form. This process allows you to reduce the size of your web page; in turn, it reduces the time it needs to download the content. It lets you to minimize user information consumption and enhances your chance to condense your pages initially.
  1. Clean Up Excess Plugins Unnecessary plugins on your dashboard or website’s back-end can make the system heavy and reduce your site’s speed and performance. Your website’s stacking speed also gets worse, which may lead to s security gaps. Hackers might start abusing the gaps to get access to your site’s back-end. So if you have any plugins installed that you no longer use, it is important to deactivate and uninstall them.
  1. Minimize Javascript and CSS Files Minifying Javascript and CSS files limit the code and help to increase your site’s number of pages and content. This is one of the primary strategies many business owners use to decrease load times and increase the site’s transmission capacity. Some more hacks:
  • Reduce HTTP Requests
  • Optimize All Images
  • Use a Content Delivery Network
  • Fix Broken Links
  • Use a Reliable CMS
  • Optimize Your Database
Wrapping Up! hacks.jpg It’s not only about SEO, but even good-looking images and great content contribute significantly to a website performance as suggested by web Development Company in Thane. And, it’s the website’s performance mainly that is crucial for the online success of a business. Great website performance makes it easier to rank it on search engines and get more potential traffic to your website. It also enhances the quality of backlinks, and SEO and helps increase overall conversions. We hope that the above hacks will help you to improve your website’s performance, which may sound a bit complex. But, if you start one step at a time like limiting page weight, upgrading the hosting package, and reducing image sizes with the help of the expert web Design Company in India, you will definitely get to reap the benefits in no time.