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Project Information

Dynamic website solutions by CreativeWebo Pvt Ltd


Customized dynamic website by CreativeWebo Pvt Ltd for Hawkamah, a world-class corporate governance institute who are working with an aim to build sound organizations, corporate sector reform, strong banking & financial sector, and good governance thoroughly.


A client approached us to develop, a custom-coded website following their brand guidelines thoroughly. Our exclusive & tailor-made solution resolved clients’ challenge of having a website as they truly visualized.

The Challenge

Needed dynamic website with a unique brand identity

Client drew closer to us to their website in which they can showcase all the specified data intelligently for which we thoroughly assisted.

Image Changes Required

Our Consulting Approach

After extensive discussion with our internal specialists, we realized that a creative component and the proper technical backing were both required. Using the Laravel tech stack, we have carefully created a robust, dynamic website with a very solid infrastructure that can handle substantial traffic with ease. The website's user experience (UX) was created with the buyer's persona and user journey in mind, allowing visitors to effortlessly browse the site and swiftly get the information they're looking for. The website in its entirety is bilingual to make it accessible to a wider audience. (ie-English & Arabic). Upcoming Events, Webinars, IMF Round Tables, and other events are listed separately on this page so that users are able to make reservations. Super-admin holds full power, admins can manage the website, and members can access the system through distinct user accounts.



  • Data digitalization in a consolidated CRM.
  • No mismanagement of data.
  • The flexibility of cross-monitoring which expedited branding & thereby sales.
  • Saves time & efforts
  • Easy navigation for users
  • Total custom-coded website which made it highly sturdy & secure

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