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Project Information

UI UX and Website Development service by CreativeWebo


Website Developed for Marathi YouTube Channel

Bhadipa, a prominent Marathi YouTube Channel was looking for a concise solution to publish information about their upcoming events, shows, programs and Series. CreativeWebo helped Bhadipa Identify the ideal content management platform for their constant updates and information.


Bhadipa runs various standup shows to various locations in Maharashtra. Thus, they always seek for a broadcast partner, event partners, and brand sponsorship. They also avail of new talents to be a part of their videos. Bhadipa wants to get increased visibility as a brand on digital platforms and want to attract more advertisements Lastly, they want to build a digital portfolio

Digital and Web Challenges faced by Bhadipa

Client problem statement

Bhadipa faced limitations while connecting with their followers and giving them customized notifications and updates. CreativeWebo's unique website with content management solutions helped Bhadipa publish their event and show updates regularly.

Image Changes Required

Our Consulting Approach

Creativewebo's Input and Impact

We, at Creativewebo, realized the potential of Bhadipa for what it is and where it can go. We created a platform for Bhadipa to launch their music, videos and other video content on their own website, dedicated to its shows. We gave users an alternate platform to Youtube, to enjoy their favorite Bhadipa shows. The website can be promoted organically by the means of other digital mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and with the use of SEO, which can be ranked higher, potentially reaching a larger user base.

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Client of Creative Webo Bhadipa Case Study Responsive MockUp
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Client of Creative Webo Bhadipa Case Study Responsive MockUp
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We also built their centralized digital portfolio where all kinds of audiences can get any information. People, now, will no longer need to follow mediums such as YT, Facebook, and instagram to get updates, etc.

  • Created it’s own and unique platform for broadcasting and marketing it’s video content
  • Ensured fewer distractions of other channels by launching a dedicated platform, generating higher user attention
  • Promotion and Branding of the website, generation greater visibility, and potential outreach

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